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Texas Farm & Ranch Services designs and builds practical, attractive, and safe cattle barns for both the animals and people. Cattle barns come in different versions—the stall barn and the loose-housing barn are two of them. In a stall barn each animal basically lives in a stall where it can rest, be fed, be milked and be watered. Usually the stall barn has two rows of stalls and in older barns, straw and hay are kept in an overhead loft. Modern barns usually use an adjacent building for storage of hay and straw. Also, in warmer climates like ours, barns are often left open on one or both sides for the sake of ventilation.

Another type of barn is the loose-housing barn—a metal- or wood-framed shelter set up so that the animals can move about freely inside the barn and also move outside to a yard to enjoy the sunlight, graze or exercise.

It’s important to make the best choice for your cattle, since studies have shown that when cattle are more comfortable in a more predictable environment, they are less stressed. This means fewer immunity issues which means healthier cattle.

Texas Farm & Ranch Services can help you decide what type of cattle barn you want and then design and construct it. Contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs.

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