Cedar Fencing

Whether you want a new cedar fence because of its beauty or its long-lasting qualities, Texas Farm & Ranch Services can help you.

Cedar wood fences are popular for many reasons. One: because they are durable, outlasting most other wood fences. Cedar also has natural oils and resins that prevent rot and decay and help to deter insect damage. And Cedar doesn’t have to be painted or stained, but can be left natural, since it stands up well to outdoor weather conditions and doesn’t warp or shrink in size. But, with weathering comes a grayish color to the wood, and if that isn’t your preference, you can have it stained to keep its natural color. Additionally, a cedar fence adds beauty to the property with its rustic appeal and various patterns and designs.

Because of its durability and long-lasting qualities, cedar fencing makes for a good buy. And at the same cedar fencing has a low maintenance cost.

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