Hay Barns

When you need a new hay barn, remember Texas Farm & Ranch Services has had years of experience and wishes to help you.

Building a hay barn is a lot more complicated than people might think. You might think you just need a building to put hay in, but it needs to be away from other buildings, since baled hay is susceptible to spontaneous combustion and hay barn fires are a major fear of insurance companies as well as farmers and ranchers everywhere. Not only will distance from animal barns protect the animals, but it also will save you on insurance.

Other hay-barn basic rules deal with where to build it. It needs to be high and dry (not where water puddles when it rains), be accessible to vehicles for delivery and unloading, and convenient to (but at least 75 feet or so from) other structures because of the fire danger. A hay barn should also keep out the sun and rain, but permit as much ventilation as possible. And, all this depends as well on the weather in your area.

Now, as complicated as this is, you need professional help designing and building your new hay barn. Texas Farm & Ranch Services has all the designer and craftsmanship expertise to help you. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your plans.

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