Horse Barns

Call Texas Farm & Ranch Services for a well-designed, attractive barn for horses. It could be that you want a horse barn designed for only one horse in your back yard or for a large commercial business. Either way, we have had years of experience in both and are here to serve you.

Most horse barns have box stalls which allow a number of horses to live safely together under one roof, but each in their own quarters. In large barns there could also be tack rooms, riding areas, viewing rooms, wash bays, and run-in shelters.

One important factor is that horse barns need to be well ventilated to protect the horses from respiratory illnesses caused by dampness and stuffiness. Hay also needs to avoid being stored in close proximity to the horses because, again, horses can get respiratory problems from the dust particles that come from hay.

There are many other factors to consider when designing a horse barn—ones that our designers and experienced craftsmen understand well and will take into consideration when creating your horse barn. Contact us so we can get together and discuss your project.

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