Pipe Cable Fencing

Pipe cable fences are used for many agricultural purposes, but especially for horse fencing. It is very strong, requires little maintenance, and it does generally last longer than other types of fencing. It is often used for horse fencing because of its high visibility to horses moving about in a large enclosure. If horses can’t see the fence, they are likely to run into it and possibly get a hoof caught, leading to injury. Since pipe and cable fencing is visible from a distance, it makes a good choice for large enclosures.

Pipe and cable fencing also works really well in small areas like pens where horses and cattle can bump into the fence without damage as compared to fencing like barbed wire. Pipe cable fencing will also increase your property value. We have worked with hundreds of customers like you and invite you to discuss your fencing needs with us. We guarantee you will be happy with the results.

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