Animal Pens

Texas Farm & Ranch Services offers a number of possibilities for animal pens, both pre-constructed and design-your-own. Since the main purpose of pens is to keep farm animals in, and predators out, this requires the use of certain types of materials that are durable enough to keep predators from chewing through the fencing and its cover and high enough to keep them from jumping over.

Gaps and holes in the pen need to be avoided in order to not only keep small farm animals in, but also to keep them safe. Also, posts and fencing need to be placed deep enough in the ground to keep predators from burrowing in.

The design of a animal pen depends on the location, the terrain and the type of small farm animals you are raising. Each animal needs a certain amount of space to avoid overcrowding.  And remember you need to make room for feeders, water troughs and shelters. We can help you plan for a truly functional animal pen.

Regular maintenance will further protect your animals. It should be done at least yearly, leading to replacement of any fencing, posts, or netting needed to keep the animals in and predators out. Texas Farm & Ranch Services can also does this maintenance for you.

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