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It’s a good idea when you order a survey to be specific about any concerns you have about the property and whether you want certain things shown on the survey, such as boundary line disputes, any encroachments existing and structures such as homes, barns, fences, etc. Other concerns you might want covered by the survey might be floodplain issues and utility or access easements.

We do a number of types of surveys including construction surveys which are used to control configurations, positions and dimensions for site improvements as indicated in the construction plans during a construction project. This includes utility staking, site grading and layout of structures.

Topographic surveys, another type of survey do, concerns man-made and natural features on a property—such as buildings, fences, trees, streams, elevations, and land contours. After these are measured for their elevation, they are shown as contour lines on a plot.

We also do boundary surveys which establish true boundaries of a property and site planning surveys which use boundary and topographic surveys for designing future improvements, and location surveys which establish all interior improvements.

Whatever type of survey you need, contact Texas Farm & Ranch Services to get top-rate service. We are there to serve you!

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